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First meeting will be to discuss general needs of our consulting expertise and to see if Leverage Financial, Inc. is the right consulting company for you.

The best Consulting Company may not be the solution to your needs rather than finding the one that has expertise in your industry and is compatible with your current company ideology and goals.

To most your company is your pride and joy and it is difficult to get outside assistance to give or change certain aspects of your business. Knowing this we keep communication constant based on your companies needs and concerns.

During our first meeting we will go through certain steps to find out what the companies current goals are. The more information is provided up front the easier it will be to come up with certain consulting needs and goals to meet.

NDA (Nondisclosure agreement) allows Leverage Financial, Inc to work hand and hand with your company in all aspects keeping it all confidential.

Our contracts are drawn up with full disclosure in mind. What our company is being hired for, what is expected, by when and total cost.

At anytime Leverage Financial, Inc can refuse to provide services if it is deemed that the services are being used for unlawful or illegal gain.

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